This site is for family and friends of Ash Bindon to find out the latest in relation to his disappearance, and what is being done to find him.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hi Ash are you out there. Things changing here. Grandad is now in a nursing home and is still trying to be the positive man he is. Grandma doesn't like to be alone and needs lots of reassurance from me and me to spend alot of time with her. Please come home soon, no matter what happened we will able to work it out. I am still working at RPA in the KGVe building, can you believe where you were born. I only have to walk 15 mins to work. A lot better than when we use to travel on those trains years ago. I would read to you all the way and I am glad you use to love me reading to you. I miss you all of the time. Love to see you soo. Love always mum. Star light star bright. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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