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Friday, April 20, 2007

Smashley Film Festival

Each year an estimated 30,000 people are reported missing in Australia. While 99.5 per cent are located, most within hours, but there is a percentage known as the "long term missing". The impact on families, friends and the missing people themselves, can be devastating ( Questions are left unanswered for these friends and family: did the person leave because they wanted to? has something happened to them? what should you/we do etc etc?

Ashley Bindon is a long term missing person, who went missing over 2 years ago at then age of 25. His friends have organised a film festival:
* to raise awareness of missing persons
* to assist in support the prevention of “Missing Persons”
* to celebrate the fun and art works (“Us and Ash”) of Ash as a way to process the concept of Ashley being “Missing”;
* having a process where friends can feel they can contribute to the search of Ash

The film festival includes 2 bands (Ash's friends); a presentation on the overview of "Missing" and Ash's situation by Sarah Wayland of The National Missing Person's Coordination Centre; film footage of Ash's performances as a screen and stage actor; two short films that Ash wrote, directed, produced, co edited and acted in with his friends; and also friends and
family celebrating the fun in Ashley's fun and mischievous style.

Ash's short films and footage flirts, with a tongue in cheek approach and allows the viewer to peek into the window of youth culture and relationships in the inner city of Sydney in the early to mid 90s.

The National Missing Person's Coordination Centre and the Chauvel Cinema have funded the event and other generous sponsors include: Retro-a-go-go, Sydney Theatre Compony, Sydney Women's AFL - Charity Match, The Mingram
Family, co.pidgeon ground public, hidden valley retreat.

Ash's friends who are: film makers, actors, musicians, event organisers, buddies etc have prepared this event with great energy, love and a positive attitude to continue their search for a much missed friend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Jeni. I plan to attend on thursday, so i'll finally get to meet u, i hope. till then, peace.
Tony K, SMH

Tuesday, 1 May 2007 at 21:16:00 GMT+10

Blogger Angie said...

Thanks to the film fest organisers. You did a great job, and it was really nice to see Ash again, if only on the big screen. Thanks for all your hard work!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007 at 11:04:00 GMT+10


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