This site is for family and friends of Ash Bindon to find out the latest in relation to his disappearance, and what is being done to find him.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Days leading up to Ash's disappearance

In the two weeks before Ashley had disappeared he went to the Reclaim the
Streets event; was circulating and visiting friends and went to pubs and
dinner with friends in the inner west and Eastern suburbs of Sydney; he
either travelled by bike or walked; he attended work and was making a film
clip for a dance party. On Wednesday 23 February he had a quick dinner with
his mum 7.30pm; spent 24 and 25 February at the household where he lived in
Surry Hills; visited friends at Newtown; spent the day with friends at
Newtown; went to Waverly Park on Fri night/early sat morning - a person
borrowed his bike and came off - Ash rang the household for Detol - he was
told to go to Waverly Bus Depot to find Detol there. He arrived at a
friend's place at Rose Bay 6.00am and was seen there till 1.oopm. He would
have left friends place about 5.00pmish and has not been seen since. He
could have been on a bicycle and carrying a khaki (eg military) like
sack/back pack.


Anonymous Lenore said...

I have only just learnt of Ashleys disapearance. I knew him as a young man and last saw him with his Mum Jeni when they were on holidays on the central coast. This was in 1991. Even back then when he was a young boy he was a great kid to be around, always happy and positive. My thoughts go out to Jeni his mum and I will keep my eyes open now. I live in Newcastle and work with a lot of young people so will get his picture out there just in case someone knows.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008 at 10:54:00 GMT+10


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