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Friday, June 24, 2005

About Ash

Ash Bindon went missing on Saturday 26 February 2005. He may appear confused or disoriented. He may not even remember his name.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ashley is a young man who is a gentle, quiet achiever who had a desire for adventure and he echoed mystery. He had many accomplishments that few people knew about. He had recieved scholarships to attend McDonald College School at Strathfield where he studied acting since the age of 10 yrs. He appeared in many films, theatre, commercials, television performance (Murder Call, Police Rescue, All Saints, Meraculios Mellops,Breakers) during the 80s and 90s. Including working with the Sydney Theatre Company, Bell's Shakespeare Company. He did a voice over, with George Miller for Lorenzo's Oil etc.

Ash had so much feedback over the years that he has been a pleasure to work with.

He graduated from University of Sydney with a double major in Film Studies and Performance Studies. And studied other subjects like Celtic, medievil, chinese culture studies.

Ash enjoys making is own films including, writing of scripts, directing, producing, performing in them and editing. He had entered one of his films in Tropfest.

He has developed skills in editing, sound, stage construction etc.

Ash is a talented artist and has enjoyed making wire sculptures.

Ash also enjoyed bush walking, camping, skiing, playing soccer, reading (very well read !!!), skateboarding, partying, travelling.

Ash has done a bit of travel, America, Mexico, Tahitian Islands (in cargo ships), a lot of Australia (Tas, SA, WA, Queensland, NSW).

Ash has a wide network of friends and it took 3 days to contact every one in his phone book. And there are many people who I have met or had email contact etc with Ash, who weren't in his book.

He is very much loved by his friends and family - the out pour of love has been truely amazing.

Friday, 2 September 2005 at 09:37:00 GMT+10


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