This site is for family and friends of Ash Bindon to find out the latest in relation to his disappearance, and what is being done to find him.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Stirring of love …. memories and a journey or two !

Ashley Bindon was last seen 26 February 2005 at lunchtime at Rose Bay, Sydney.

On Sunday 26 February at lunchtime, please take a moment to think of Ash. If you have a bell ring it for the safe return of Ash and other Missing Persons.

Ash’s mum would like to put together a collection of Ashley’s special moments and adventures, that she hopes one day to publish to continue the memories of his adventures, and love of the arts, for all to share (and for Ash on his return). This artwork is also a positive way of putting your love and uncertainty of Ash into a safe loving place. Ash’s friends, family and work colleagues are invited to contribute pieces that could include: a poem; a song; a journal page, a short letter; a drawing; a cartoon; a picture of a sculpture for Ash; a short film skit; play idea; recipe; or anything else that strikes your imagination that you know Ash would love. Even if you are not artistically inclined, have a go!

Send text, or pictures of artwork on a disc please and include written permission for items to be used in a book; for exhibitions or as part of a performance some time in the future. It is hoped that this would provide comfort to families and friends of missing people and support them through the unknown journey.

Jeni Bindon
PO Box M112 Missenden Road NSW 2050

Ash’s mum and some close friends will be having a quiet Sunday picnic (under the tree near the duck pond in the Botanical Gardens, close to the foreshore wall) on the day at lunchtime. If you would like to join in or pass by, you are welcome. If you come and have a bell bring it along. If you can’t come send love out there anyway.

“Thank you for the amazing solidarity, unification and out pouring of love for Ashley and his safe return home. I know many of you are in deep pain too and I send you my love to comfort you. Love Always Jeni Bindon xxx”


Anonymous Angie Schiavone said...

To Ash's family and friends,
I'm one of Ash's friends from work and miss him lots, as I know everyone does. I've had a hard time dealing with Ash's disappearance, but have been feeling better about life of late, and am hopeful that I’ll see Ash again one day.
I’ve written a story about Ash, and my own experience of his having gone missing. It will be published in Spectrum, in the Sydney Morning Herald on April 29th. I really hope that it is received positively, and that no one feels that I’m undercutting their experience by focusing on my own.
I know I’m not the only one missing Ash – far from it – but I’d like to think my story is worthwhile nonetheless.
Hope it helps, in many ways.
Thanks & all the best, Angie

Monday, 24 April 2006 at 15:32:00 GMT+10


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